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Rik, I Received the watch back today. Thank you for the great work and craftsmanship the submariner looks great. I am very happy with the results of the laser weld. I let 2 people I am friends with here in Utah know about your service already. So hopefully they will come to you when they need services on their watches as well I know I will be a repeat customer. Thank you,
Richard P Catoni

Just received the watch, it looks really good. Thanks for your attention. She has another Rolex I plan to send to you soon for service. Hope you have a Happy Holiday Season. Regards,
Rodney Blackwell

Hey Rik. I got to enjoy wearing my old new 5513 today then my son came home and swapped me my sub c. It was nice while it lasted. My son can't believe the job you did. So it's back on his wrist again. I really enjoy seeing it on him especially now brand new. He'll wear it for many years to come just like I wore it all those years. Thanks again.
Walt K

Rik, Thank you for the superb job you did on my late father's DJ. It was beyond my expectations. You have a customer for life!!

Hi Rik, I wanted to let you know I received the watch and it looks great. Thank you so much! I'm looking forward to taking it with me on my trip in a few days. I'm also looking forward to the warmer weather in Phoenix. Take care,

Got the watch today. It looks great! Thank you again. Take care,

Hi Rik, I received the watch today. You do beautiful work! I can't believe how tight it feels moving the hands. It was definitely due for a cleaning. Looks brand new. Thanks

Rik - Received the watches yesterday and wanted to thank you for the excellent work and service !!! They look brand new !! Will certainly recommend your services to others. Thanks again

Hi Rik, My Sub arrived yesterday in fine fettle. I wanted to let you know I appreciate you both taking care of it and in getting it back to me quickly. I am quite happy with your service. Thanks.
Frank Koch

Hi Rik, Just wanted to let you know that I got my Explorer II today in the mail from you. I am so very pleased with the work you did on the watch. It looks fantastic! I'm very curious to track its accuracy now that its had a full service. Thank you for your excellent work and dedication to your craft. An especially big thank you for squeezing this service into your very busy schedule. You have made me a very happy fellow. I plan to call upon your services for any horological maintenance I may have in the future. Happy Fourth! Best regards,
Brett Bricker

Hi Rik, Please feel free to use this on your site, etc. if you are so inclined. Also, my brother in law has a Datejust which is due for service... Hopefully with fewer issues than mine. I'm going to pass your info along to him this week. He is in Dallas, and I told him much better you than RSC. I just wanted to say thanks again for giving my Datejust a new lease on life. The new dial and hands you found for me look fantastic, and I've spent the last week or so looking at it as often as I did when I first bought it. Not only does it look great, but it is holding to within a second per WEEK! I couldn't be happier with the work or the cost, so you've got yourself another customer for life. Best regards,

Just received my dad's Rolex datejust. It looks like a new watch. Thank you very much for the fast, expert service. I hope you are still doing watches in 5-10 years when this watch needs to be serviced. Thanks again.
Mike Hutson
Trenton, SC

Rik, I wanted to take just a moment to thank you once again for doing the repair on my Rolex Date 1500. Itís been 4 months now since you fixed the barrel cap problem, and it is performing beautifully. I donít wear it much, but keep it on my bi-directional winder and its accuracy has improved ever since I got it back. I last wore it almost a month ago, and I checked it last night and it wasnít even a minute off. Thatís back to better than COSC standards. Anyway, I know you get a lot of correspondence, so I donít want to waste your time, but I really did want to express to you how much what you did for me means. You are the best and if anyone ever asks me where to get a Rolex serviced, there is nobody else I would ever recommend!

Hello Rik, just wanted to let you know what a nice surprise there was waiting for me when I got home today. Watch looks good, and is running well. Overall I must say how much I appreciated your prompt, well priced service and professionalism with regard to customer communication. I'm sure the quality of work will stand the test of time, and I have already passed your information on to two friends who wear vintage Rolex. I will post my positive experience on the website where I saw your post. Overall an excellent experience.
Best - Hugo Cariss

Recently I had my 16013 Datejust Rolex serviced, the watch had been giving me problems as listed in my other posts. I then sent the watch to Rik Dietel from Time Care inc. I received it back today and I'll tell you it doesn't look like the same watch, it looks brand new. Although I haven't had it back a full day it has not lost 1 second when comparing it to GMT. Just wanted to give Rik a nod because the service he provided is nothing short of extraordinary.
William (Benny) Hill - Virginia.

After experiencing a traumatic event when my Omega PO flew off my wrist in response to a painful wasp attack (striking a brick wall and then hitting the asphalt), I sent same off to the Authorized Omeag service center on the East Coast for repair and refurbishment. There were several rather severe impact scratches/gouges on the case, metal bracelet, and crown. The watch continued to tick away; however, I knew it must have sustained internal damage in addition to the cosmetic. The service center did a fully satisfactory job with just about everything with the exception of the deepest impact gouges on the watch's bracelet. Based on several recommendations on this site - www.rolexforums.com - and others, I took the watch to Rik Dietel of Time Care Inc of Seminol, FL (Tampa Bay area) -- www.timecareinc.com. Rik did what the service center could/would not do -- he completely (and masterfully) removed the deepest blemishes. Rik was kind enough to complete the work while I waited. From this date forward Rik will be my watch repair expert.
scotttampa (www.rolexforums.com) - Tampa, FL

Hi Fred, I just wanted to thank you again for your tip about Rik Dietel and Time Care Inc. I sent my Rolex Submariner to him for service as you suggested. He was very helpful on the phone, and I received a prompt phone call when he received the watch with the estimate for servicing. Local Rolex dealer ď..just didnít know when he could get to itĒ and then quoted a price for routine service $100 more than Rik. I just received the watch back and it looks, feels, and runs like it just came out of the box the first time. I told Rik on the phone afterward, I felt like I had just bought a brand new Submariner for the service fee! Itís a rare thing these days to purchase a service or product and feel like you received more than your moneyís worth in value and craftsmanship, but thatís exactly what Rik Dietel has going on at Time Care Inc. Thanks again!
Mack Hicks MD - Kingsport, Tennessee

Hi Rik: The USPS stopped by today to deliver my parents' watches. Upon opening the package, both of my parents were ecstatic to see how beautifully polished their watches were and that they both functioned properly again. Thanks again for a great repair and maintenance job. I will be sure to pass your name and info along to friends who might require watch servicing in the future.
Teng - Ellicott, Maryland

"WOW" the watch was just delivered. It looks amazing! I cannot thank you enough. I will be sure to post a testimonial on the forum with some pics to show the great work. Any advice you have on keeping this thing looking this good, please feel free to let me know. I'm new to Rolex.
Brian Carneal - Maryland

Hi Rik, I just picked it up today. It looks great. I will be using you for all my future watch needs. Thank You,
Brian Werbel - Gainesville, Florida

Hi Rik, just wanted to give you a belated thank you for the excellent job you did on my Rolex. In the past, I had my Rolex serviced by authorized dealerships and for the most part they did an OK job. After a good friend, Fred Pinney recommended you, I reluctantly opted to give you the opportunity to take care of a personal treasure of mine and have to say not only did you do a GREAT job but have to say far exceeded my expectations. My Rolex looks brand new and is keeping time as when I first bought it 15 years ago. Rik you are a professional and would recommend you to whoever has a Rolex in need of servicing. Feel free to use this as an endorsement of a VERY satisfied customer. Again, thank you Rik for a great job!
Tony Guiliano - Naples, Florida

Just after we talked, the package arrived at my door. Isn't it interesting that no one knew where it was! Anyway, it is beautiful. You did an amazing job -- it looks better than new. Thank you so much for all your help with this. Will spread the word up here in Vermont about how great you are. Any other tune ups will be coming your way. Thanks again!
Vickie - Vermont

I am so sorry this was delayed, but I wanted to thank you for servicing our Rolexes so beautifully. Both had started to lose a little time and obviously needed some TLC. They were returned in a very timely manner and looked brand new. I had scratched the clasp right after I purchased the ladies watch, but you buffed it out almost perfectly as part of your service.
We highly recommend your business, and thanks again!
Cheryl and Paul Rhoton - Kingsport, Tennessee

We have been entrusting Rik Dietel with servicing our watches for over 10 years. During the 1980s & 90 we sent our watches to an out of state Factory repair center and always worried they would be lost or worse. Then we found Rik's Time Care, Inc. and it is quite frankly the best! He is courteous, fair and very knowledgeable, and his workmanship is impeccable. We recommend Rik Dietel without reservation.
Thank you, Rik, for taking such great care of our timepieces.
Dr. Joseph & Maria Namey - Seminole, Florida

I have used Time Care for all my watch needs throughout the years and have been extremely satisfied with the level of professionalism, attention to detail and honesty I have experienced with Rik. Recently, I had an opportunity to purchase two Rolex watches that were both extremely damaged and flooded. One was a Men's, the other a Women's, both two tone, black faced with diamonds. I did not think these could be repaired, however, after talking to Rik, he assured me that he could repair them. I proceeded with the deal and Rik rebuilt both watches. The work Rik did to rebuild these watches was truly amazing. They both look and run like brand new watches. I gave my wife hers as a Christmas present and she thought it was a new watch! Incredible job! All our watches will always go to Rik for service as I feel there is no one better in the industry.
Thank you Rik.
Fred & Gina Pinney - Kingsport, Tennessee

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